• I accept Paypal as form of payment.


Quilting service

Services ...Coming in 2021


  • A smoke free studio where your quilt is treated with care. 
  • One (1) solid thread color for Quilt Top and Back. 
  • One (1) Edge to Edge quilting pattern. 

We quilt to share our handmade love.

If at anytime you have questions, I am happy to speak on the phone or answer your question. I want you to understand the process.

  1. Review the 'Preparation' page and follow these guidelines for best results. 
  2. Please complete the 'Quilting Order Form' and contact me for my mailing address.
  3. Payment must be sent prior to shipment with Paypal. 
  4.  - Ship your package to me - 
  5. I will email you when I receive your package and any questions I may have.
  6. Post photos of your quilt on my blog (let me know if you would prefer skipping this).
  7. I will email you when I ship your package.

Pricing is based on:

  • The size of your quilt. Length x Width.

  • The type of design you select to have quilted.

Please add the following:

  • There is a $40 minimum.

  • Return shipping cost.

  • CA Sales Tax (CA residents only)