If you have questions, I am happy to speak on the phone or answer your questions through email. 

   I accept Paypal for payment.

Pick a design

Are you a quilter with Quilt Tops that you plan on one day turning into quilts? Do you want to share your quilts with your family? Does the quilting create a roadblock because you haven't quite mastered Free Motion quilting or are you not interested in the physical workout of quilting on your sewing machine? I can help you solve these dilemmas. My computerized longarm quilting machine can handle all size quilts. I have beautiful designs that will enhance your piecework. Fill out the order form and start packing your quilt parts.

Send me email or message and let answer any of your questions to help you transform those tops into beautiful quilts.

How does it work? 


transforming your tops into beautiful quilts

I can help you transform your Quilt Tops into beautiful quilts.

  • Select a single Digital Edge to Edge (e2e) quilting design.
  • Solid neutral thread for Quilt Top and Back.


Quilting pricing

Here is how it works:

  1. Complete the Order Form. 
  2. Ship your package to me.
  3. I contact you when your quilt parts arrive.
  4. ​I will email you when I ship your package. 

Edge to Edge Longarm Quilting Service pricing is based on:

  • The size of your quilt. Length x Width.

  • The design you select to have quilted. Most designs are between .0175 cents to .03 (most dense designs) cents a square inch. 

  • The designs I currently offer are displayed here (click this link)

Total price includes the following:

  • There is a $40 minimum.

  • Any additional quilt services you request

  • Return shipping cost.

  • TX Sales Tax (for TX orders)​​

  • Check out the 'Other Quilt Services' tab for additional options